Animal Collective-Pitchfork-Lion in a Coma

22 07 2008

ANOTHER NEW Animal Collective song to be excited about. I suuuure wish i could have made it back to pitchfork this year.


Poketo + Handmade Nation art auction

21 07 2008


The Art 2, originally uploaded by poketo.

I found my donation on the poketo flickr!

“On July 19, 2008, Poketo held a fundraiser for Fatyhe Levine’s Handmade Nation movie. Thousands of dollars were raised through the silent art auction, lots of happy bidderss, and beautiful art with new homes.”

I can’t wait to see the documentary!

a variation of my print is available on etsy

handmade nation movie


16 07 2008


Tinymeat! wallet (outside), originally uploaded by willbryantplz.

I will soon have a wallet design available through the extraordinary portland merch making machine… TINYMEAT!


You can buy it HERE

tinymeat on etsy

oh and make sure to check out the amazing drawings by his talented son Gabriel.


15 07 2008


only one more day of voting!

tales of woah

6 07 2008
tales of woah
Originally uploaded by spew barrymore

LOL! this is ridiculous.

One of my flickr contacts (who specializes in ridiculous) made this and i just found it today!

Mike Davis/Burlesque

4 07 2008


Mike Davis treasures!, originally uploaded by willbryantplz.

I ordered some sweeeet printables from Burlesque! I’m a huge fan of Mike Davis and his creatings. He makes fine things for such artists as:
DIPLO, Why?, Mogwai, Arcade Fire, & plenty of others.

Check out this killer interview over at grain edit

You can see the early stages of the Diplo/Nick Catchdubs News Years eve poster! sooo neat


1 07 2008


WAAAAAY 2 Many, originally uploaded by willbryantplz.

Fred Flare had 3 wayfarers for $20!
of course i took the bait.

*note that most of these were free/found or 25 cents

been listening to Bradford Cox a lot lately!
also been enjoying tracks from Hieroglyphics, Paavoharju, Lau Nau, Grouper, and Lykke Li (great show at sxsw)